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”If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are, undergoes a transformation”

Jiddu Krishnamurti


I am fascinated by the capacity the body has to heal itself if the right conditions are set up for it, and the relationship between our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, breathing, movement and posture and the effects these have on us as a whole.

As individuals we are so very complex the one and all so different, but it is my belief as human beings, as a part of Nature as living organisms and part of Life we come into this world equipped and capable with what is necessary for our healing and that this includes the experience itself of having to heal, and consequently for our advancement if the right set of circumstances are set up and we listen carefully and lovingly and care to develop as human beings. It is the natural organic way of the human body, and its inherent, encoded ability to heal and seek wellness that needs our attention right now.

I have come to understand that through suffering we can learn to be honest and sincere with ourselves listen deep and if willing slowly re-discover who we really are, we find a way then …..from the inside out.

We all undergo stress, pain, existential grief, soft trauma, hard trauma, and the experience of the organism breaking down due to all this, if we can find a way to tune  in to ourselves and gradually become more curious about Life and our human experience taking responsibility for our well being, with faith, I think we can begin to see and remove the obstacles that are in the way of our natural evolutionary process, break-downs become break-throughs resulting in us becoming more strong and resilient but at the same time humble and wanting to embrace life in another way and more fully.

As though by overcoming the pain and the processing through the different layers and stages of suffering we start to shift consciousness, wanting to help ourselves and others evolve, understand…..expanding our sense of self and consciously participate in our evolution.

we can only start where we are now….in a body

I have had and still having to find ways and aids to support my personal journey and I feel very grateful for all the teachers and friends in my life, who have supported and led me through many different teachings and healing, I believe not one teaching, healing alternative or therapy fits all, and we need to find what works for us…and at this moment in time, because we are constantly changing.

My main interests being in the development of consciousness through movement, and the body and on accessing the body’s innate Wisdom and capacity to heal itself has led me to train in various methods of bodywork, alternative and complimentary therapies that have worked for me and I wish to provide and share with others in the hope we all find enthusiasm for Life, Love for Nature, wellbeing and “a way home”.



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TRE Certified Provider
QEC Practitioner

Yoga Teacher (A.E.P.Y. certified)
Bowen Therapist B.T.T.A.
Yoga Nidra Teacher (Total Yoga Nidra Training – Sitaram)
Reiki Facilitator (Ussui Method)


Raquel Lyons is a certified TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises) Provider based in Mallorca. Click here for  the main TRE site. Her 4 year Yoga Teacher training  studies with Marisol Melián Amate (A.E.P.Y.) are accredited by the European Yoga Training Program (E.U.Y.) and included religious and philosophical traditions, history, culture & Sanskrit studies, holy scriptures, mystical texts & modern sciences (study of man, anatomy, physiology & psychology)
 as well as meditation practices and silent retreats. Click here for the EUY curriculum.  Having to work with people  riddled with stress, anxiety disorders, depression and existential difficulties and having experienced her own fair share of this led her to deepen her studies in Yoga Nidra and Mindfulness, taking a teacher training in Yoga Nidra with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli through Yoga Campus, SITARAM training method. Continuing to find the need for pain management and other physical disorders inspired her to further her knowledge in the field of Yoga Therapy with skillful and talented  yoga therapists and teachers such as Julie Gudmestad, Doug Keller, A.G. Mohan and others. Inspired by different teachings and methods such as Mindfulness, somatics, antigimnasium, Feldenkrais, Body Talk & Reiki. Working in these various fields brought her to discover two recent methodologies that confirmed her beliefs and furthered her passion in the natural power of the body to heal itself in its own way and when it is ready, the Bowen Technique and TRE Exercises – Tension & Trauma release Exercises, like the pieces of a puzzle that were missing and  taking her anatomy, physiology, neurology and bodywork skills to another level as a Bowen Therapist and a TRE Certified Provider Raquel combines practices to suit each persons needs providing and facilitating these different approaches combining her knowledge and understanding with intuitive skill and a capacity for listening to others needs and delivering from the heart.


University of Salamanca Gradiuate
 Gestalt Therapist – Certified by AETG
IFS Practitioner, by CSL (Center for Self Leadership)
Conflict Resolution Expert training for Adolescence, by UIB