TRE Groups

Group TRE sessions are a way to experience the tremors and shaking in a group setting, Groups are no larger than 8-10 people, and this kind of setting can provide insight into your process, not only because of anything said or shared but simply by shaking in a group setting our nervous systems communicate and shifts can occur in our shaking patterns, this could be an important part of your T.R.E. process – for some, for others shaking in  a group might not be the place to start – then you will want to check out TRE individual sessions.

In order to attend a group session you need to have learnt TRE exercises beforehand, either at a workshop or through a facilitated 1 to 1 session with your TRE facilitator.


Regular weekly Group sessions are held in Mallorca, please send me an email or call to find out more…………happy shaking.

For more information or to make an appointment please write to or call +34 699954296