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What is QEC? 

Quantum Energy Coaching is a very simple, highly effective coaching & healing methodology  that combines tools from cutting edge Neuroscience, Gestalt Psychotherapy and Coherent Breathing to change self limiting beliefs & thoughts at the subconscious level of the mindl

Through the science of neuro-plascticity we now know that the neuro-pathways are reprogrammable up until the age of 96!

Different to most talk therapies that concentrate on the conscious mind trying to look at things differently or from another perspective in QEC we work with the subconscious mind, taking your new chosen ideal beliefs in the form of statements and install them in the subconscious part of the brain.  Because that is where limiting belief systems are stored mostly under the age of 7 when our brain is still very “sponge like” , and then more are acquired later in life through trauma experiences.

Working with the subconscious part of the brain is what permanently removes the self limiting beliefs you hold about yourself.

What happens in a QEC session?

Sitting we go over the issue or limiting beliefs affecting you at the moment, through what is called Gestalt Enquiry Process.

We work together to create your new beliefs in the form of statements.

We sit in a specific posture and combine a series of elements such as breathing, the heart coherence, and other elements to promote a gamma wave state*

You install the new beliefs

Afterwards (if in person) muscle testing (kinesiology) is performed to confirm the installations of new beliefs has taken place. 

The change is immediate and permanent, changing the neuro-pathways of the brain….there is no time in Quantum level – it is immediate!

You will notice the effects pretty much immediately, some people have physical reactions during the session and some notice a kind of detox effect after the session (headaches, saw throat etc). Usually clients feel relieved, uplifted and lighter immediately after a session.

For who is QEC?

Children from the age of 7 and adults up to the age of 96 🙂

For some, QEC may be marginally effective or not effective at all, for example anyone with a mental illness, and anyone who’s nervous system is highly dis-regulated or in “freeze”, for whom TRE would be a first step in order to regulate the NS and then maybe approach QEC when more grounded and centred.

What can QEC be used for?

Mostly situation or any issues you are unhappy with, some examples

work related issues, work relationships, success vs failure, self esteem

self worth issues, self confidence, speaking in public.

creative blocks, artists, singers, musicians etc.

adult trauma

childhood trauma

relationship issues

financial issues

fears & phobias


health issues, pain, allergies, chronic illness


Research trials and running groups by Dr. Melanie Salmon (creator and developer of this methodology) have shown in most cases it takes no longer than 6 weeks to become robust, gain confidence and feel better in the world.


QEC combines very effectively with TRE as a body based modality to discharge stress and blocks from the body and then with the QEC for removing toxic thoughts from the mind makes it a truly holistic approach to maximize our potentials. people can really deepen the understanding of themselves combining these two modalities. 

Interview with Dr. Melanie Salmon creator of QEC

*For more information on gamma brain waves check the internet plus here is a good explanaition https://blog.mindvalley.com/gamma-brain-waves/

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