TRE® Workshops

Experience TRE® for the first time at an introduction workshop (for dates scroll down)

The presentation & introduction workshops are an alternative and less expensive way you can practice a first time TRE® session within a reduced group setting and understand some of the theory that this method is based upon, basic concepts of stress, trauma, the physiology of trauma and how our nervous system responds to stress and trauma as well as learn the exercises and inhabit your body in a very new and healing way.

After the workshop you can decide to continue with individual sessions, this will enable you to learn grounding and self regulation as well as integrate the exercises, the tremors and your body, and initiate healing and recalibrating the nervios system with the appropriate support and holding, and participate in group sessions held monthlay at different locations.

TRE® one to one.



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These are ongoing, taking place in Palma, Andratx & Santa Ponsa – please email me if you would like to be informed of dates.

If you are interested in participating or in organizing a workshop
please contact or refer to the contact form