when our physical discomfort cannot be resolved through the physical body it may be that it was not created by the physical body alone…


reiki is a very gentle and non- invasive treatment of light touch, known as a subtle yet profound healing practice that can help harmonize and balance our health at every level. Reiki improves the natural flow of energy and removes blocks while reconnecting and empowering the body’s regenerative self- healing ability.

a reiki treatment is deeply relaxing and is most effective for anxiety, emotional distress and imbalances as well as the management of stress and pain relief. It is common after a session to notice improvement of sleep and digestion a greater sense of well being as one feels more motivated and less depressed.

a reiki treatment is received either on the massage/therapy bed or sitting on a chair and fully clothed. The facilitator’s hands are very lightly placed in strategic areas such as nerve plexuses and energy centers as well as on or around affected areas; and the receiver enters a very deep state of relaxation. A difference is noticed usually after the fist treatment and the benefits are cumulative and grow with repeated sessions. There is nothing about a Reiki treatment that can interfere with any medical care you are receiving.

there are more and more articles and studies informing us of the relief patients are experiencing as Reiki is reducing the negative effects of medication, radiation and chemotherapy. Many hospitals and clinics incorporate this form of complimentary treatment as a way to improve patients care. You can check out articles on this and other subjects in the articles & research section.

the most known description of the word Reiki is Universal Life Force or energy, that which makes the bird sing, the wind blow ….also words such as “pulsation”, “vibration” or “oscillation” are effective to the understanding of what Life Force is, known in other traditions as, ki, chi, prana etc…. And one of the many practices of facilitating the flow of this life force through the body is also known as Reiki.

history of reiki

the story of reiki by william rand

body talk access

a complete health care system developed by John Veltheim in the mid 90`s, body talk is an integrative holistic system designed to harmonize the different energy networks within the body, science has demonstrated that the Body is composed of different energy forms that operate and vibrate at different frequencies  within the body and optimize the overall balance in the body at all levels.

an integrative holistic system based on the philosophy that the body has an innate wisdom to know what is wrong with itself and has the capability to heal itself at all levels if the right circumstances are set up.

although not certified in the complete healing system as a body talk practitioner (on the agenda!:) I have completed what is called the body talk access training, and been taught  some of the most effective tools and formulas developed in the body talk system which used and combined in different ways with other whole-istic approaches I have found to be amazingly beneficial, and have profound and positive impact on our health… easy to teach and safe for you to use.

healing & balancing through vibration tapping & sound

different energy healing methods combined and integrated into daily practice can redirect faulty energy patterns, emotional trapped energy and unhealthy thought patterns, relief pain and grief and reestablish healthy sleep patterns.

Here is a video of Dona Edens Daily Energy Routine…easy to follow!! 🙂